Monday, February 9

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Let's talk cake

ok so we all know i enjoy the baking and have a tendancy to get a little nutty with the birthday cakes but i have failed utterly this time.  Ellie requested a my little pony cake for her birthday.  and of course the my little pony cake pan has been discontinued.  enter lack of imagination here.  In my head this cake was to resenble a fenced pasture with my little ponies grazing on patches of green grass.  what i ended up making looked like this.  the kids said the fence posts look like a crown and the "grass" looks like it's  already been digested. ug.  well there you go.  I try 

5 going on 16

Oh can it really be true that this little beauty can be 5 years old?  Well she had a great day.  Aunt sherri was even here to share the day with us.  she got some fun stuff including a 6 foot long rainbow Caterpillar she has named Princess compliments of grandma.  and a great towel with her name on it from unta Lew and aunt sherry-o.  

man i love e this kid

Thursday, January 22

Monkey trap

OK so school was not this fun when i was a kid.  Mitchell had to create a trap for a stuffed monkey.  and this is what his group came up with after 3 group meetings that lasted about 5 minutes each and were followed by wii battles.  

simple yet elegant


when you remove the technology from the house for a few hours, boredom, book reading and pandemonium.  I got a bug up my but and wouldn't let the kids watch T.V. or go on any computers the other day and boy howdy were they ever unhappy.  Connor was forced to read a book,  and the girls had several wheel barrow races witch quickly became "let's pull Ellie's pants off" Mitchell hid out in his fortress of solitude, I'm not sure what he was doing in there, he is 12 and most of the time i am pretty sure that i don't want to know.  this pic is when he came out to see if the ban had been lifted, it hadn't hence the look of dejection on his handsome face

Tuesday, January 20


my monkey at the park.  she loves the park so much!  it's coming up on two years since this little one came home and i can't recall life with out her.  She's even starting to think her daddies kind of  cool.  i just can't express how lucky i feel to have the family  that i have been so incredibly blessed with.  I must have done something really fab in a past life or something.  Please note that there are more pics of ellie here simply because she is home all day with me and also because the big three run faster then i do (but i'm going to the gym again, i'll catch em)

Ellie on her new bike!

My big girl o n her new big girl bike. she could not be more pleased with herself.