Tuesday, May 1

FFFF Gotcha Clothes

This is my first attempt at the Fanily Foto Fun Friday challenge from Donna at Double Happieness. This week it is Gotcha day clothes. Well we certainly have us some of those. When Ellie came to the civil affairs office she was wearing tree pairs of pants, one long sleaved t shirt, two sweaters, and a thick jacket (please note it was 68* outside and about 80* in the office) It took us hours in the hotel room to get her to take of her many layers and we were surprised to keep discovering more clothes.
eventually we got down to skin and we discovered the dirtiest little kid. she didn't like the tub at first but over the last month it is now one of her faverite places to be.

when i took the clothes out to take the picture below ellie got very upset, so back they went into the holiday inn bag where they have lived since China.

Our sweaty girl in all her terrified glory

Ellies gotcha clothes
We sent three disposable cameras to the orphanage over the past year and in probably 70% of the pictures Ellie has some variation of these clothes on.

Thanks Donna for the FFFF. This was fun!


Sophie's Mom said...

Awe... They remember so much! Great post!
Sophia's Website

crazylady said...

So glad you joined in on the FFFFing fun! LOL.
Great pics. Thanks for sharing.

theghelertertwins.blogspot.com said...

My first time posting too! Welcome. I can't believe how many clothes they had on your baby! Wow. Sounds like they wanted you to have ALl her clothing... lol.